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Mercury 115hp EFI Splash Cover" Mercury Splash Cover "
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Evirude 175hp E-Tec Splash Cover" Evinrude Splash Cover "
Honda 225hp  Splash Cover" Honda Splash Cover "
Evinrude 200hp Splash Cover

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Motor Patterns Wanted

Do you have one of these motors? If you live in Perth, WA and would like a FREE Combo covers set please call us on 9274 6252.

We will need you to drop your boat off at our factory and leave it with us for 1 day. We will make the pattern and give you a set of covers (may not be the same day).

Motors wanted

Manufacturing perfect fitting outboard covers for over 700 makes & models

Welcome to Outboard Covers Australia (OCA) web site, we are a Western Australian company that manufacturers high quality fitting outboard covers right here. Imagine buying a outboard cover that fits your outboard motor perfectly, at OCA this is exactly what we do. *ALL MADE IN AUSTRALIA. (* Only exception is carry bags made overseas in bulk)

We have made over 800 patterns from outboard motors going as far back as the 1970's and of course have 99% of the latest models covers available today. We add around 20 new patterns a year to our collection so we are up to date on the latest models and still always getting patterns for the older models as well.

We make FIVE types of outboard covers they are:

Splash Covers

are vented & can be left on the motor whilst operating at high speeds on the water or being trailered, also at high speeds. Click here

Full Covers

are as the name implies, covering the motor from top to prop. Each cover is a perfect fit for your motor & made to the shape of the outboard. Click here

Combo Covers

are both of the covers above. The Splash cover goes on first then the Full cover over that. We offer this package with a HIGH discount compared to buying each of the above individually. Click here

Mooring Covers

are the top part only of a full cover & cover most of the upper cowling & part way down the top part of the leg. Suitable for use when moored in the water & protecting nearly 100% of the motor out of the water. (not suitable to be used when motor is operating. (see Splash Covers above) Click here

Carry Bags

perfect for anyone wanting to store their small outboard in the car, caravan or yacht. These carry bags are designed to suit smaller outboards with velcro straps inside to secure the motor and a handy "throw over carry strap". Click here



TESTIMONIAL:- 17th November 2014

G'day Geoff and Leanne,
The Splash cover arrived very quick and naturally it went straight onto our Honda 135hp Four Stroke outboard. The cover fit is better than a glove and looks spectacular and is snug as a bug on the cowling. This Splash Cover is certainly a professionally made and affordable Australian product that I would recommend to anyone who is considering any kind of cover for their outboard. Protect your fishing assets with one of these covers to keep it in top condition.

All the best and thanks!

Steve :)


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Splash (vented)  Covers For Outboard Motors Splash (vented)  Covers For Outboard Motors
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Mooring Covers For Outboard Motors Full Covers For Outboard Motors
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Approved for use by Yamaha, Suzuki, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Mariner & Tohatsu/Nissan & Honda.

Ask, does any other outboard cover manufacturer cover your outboard with a warranty claim???? Ours does!

Each cover is made to your specifications, which includes colours & printing & takes only 2-3 weeks standard delivery or 7 days Fastracked & nothing is made in China or any 3rd World Country in the World.

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" Protection for that Expensive Investment "

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