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Outboard Covers Australia Current Price List

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Below is is our current price list. It's easy to work out what one of our covers will cost you based on the pricing below. All you need to know is:

Is your motor a 2 or 4 stroke? (sometimes called a 2 or 4 cycle)

If you put oil in a oil tank which the motor automatically adds oil as required or mix it with the fuel like a 2 stroke mower this is a 2 stroke outboard. A 4 stroke outboard is like you car it does not smoke & no oil is added.

The pricing below is divided into 2 or 4 strokes. This is because a 4 stroke is normally a little bigger and the the cover will cost more to produce. Under the 2 stroke colum you will see we have broken the motor up into a generic size. This DOES not mean that your cover will fit all outboards between 2-5hp as an example it just a way of pricing by us. We have done the same for the 4 stroke motors in the green & white section below.

2 Stroke Motors Combo Full Cover Splash® Cover Mooring Covers
2 - 5hp $273 $206 $110 $144
6 - 19hp $363 $296 $151 $207
20 - 59hp $440 $373 $212 $262
60 - 90hp $474 $407 $257 $285
91 - 200hp $523 $457 $284 $321
201 - 250hp $556 $489 $312 $343
251 - 350hp $574 $507 $333 $354
4 Stroke Motors Combo
Full Cover Splash® Cover Mooring Covers
2 - 7hp $296 $228 $129 $160
8 - 20hp $390 $323 $162 $226
21 - 50hp $451 $385 $210 $269
51 - 60hp $490 $424 $240 $297
61 - 130hp $540 $474 $296 $332
131 - *200hp (*4cyl) $574 $507 $333 $354
*200 - 350hp (*6cyl) $629 $562 $363 $394
*200hp ONLY comes in 4 cyl & 6 cyl ouboard which makes a huge size difference. As an example the Verado 200hp comes in a 4 cyl model & 6 cyl model, clearly the 6 cylinder model is a lot larger than the 4 cylinder model..
Postage Prices
Postage Type Cost
3KG Aust. Post or *Toll Ipec - Splash or Mooring Covers $16.50
5KG Aust. Post or *Toll Ipec - Full or Combo Covers $22.00
Fastrack - Shipped within 24hrs (bus. Days) inc shipping $80.00
Fastrack - Outside Australia $95.00
International Airmail TNT trackable $55.00
Custom Print Prices - click HERE-> for more
Print Type Cost
Standard Black OR White logo (x1 logo or pair) per cover $20.00
Standard Black OR White logo (Combo x2 pair) per cover $30.00
Full colour printing if artwork provided (x1 logo or x1 pair) $35.00
Full colour printing if artwork provided ( x2 pairs) $60.00
OCA stock image fish & name (x1 or pair) $50.00
OCA stock image & name (x3 or x2 pairs) $100.00
HP on rear of cover x1 (full, splash or mooring) $15.00
HP on rear of cover x2 (combo) $25.00
Manufactuers Logos (where available) HONDA x4 logos on x1 cover $25.00
Manufactuers Logos (where available) Johnson/Tohatsu $15.00
Fins and Baffle Prices - click HERE-> for more
Fin Type Cost
Adding fitted fins into the full cover section when ordering cover $50.00
Adding fitted fins into the full after cover is made. Inc shipping $90.00
Adding Trolling Baffles into the full cover section when ordering cover $75.00
Adding Trolling Baffles into the full after cover is made. Inc shipping $110.00
Optional Extra's Prices
Extra's Cost
Hi Visibility Strip on or around cav/prop area (horizontally sewn) - click HERE-> for more $16.50
Y fork or Trailer Saver extra padding - click HERE-> for more $16.50
Zip Cover for leg section - click HERE-> for more $16.50
Full cover locking eye - click HERE-> for more $16.50
Tiller Sleeve Prices - click HERE-> for more
To fit HP Range Cost
1-20hp $30.00
21-60hp $45.00
61-100hp $65.00
101-350hp $85.00
Notes & Exceptions
Print Artwork Notes Artwork must be supplied for colour printing or B or W if anything other than a word or boat name is required. If word/boat name you must nominate a font or we will use our standard which is IMPACT on slant. If you want say a fish printed on your cover/s you will need to provide us the fish in high quality. In other words it must be ready to print and need no additional work needed doing to it.
The file format should be either of these in number preference: 1. EPS or 2. PDF or 3. BMP or 4. JPEG. The file would need to be a minimum of 150K (when attached to e-mail it tells you the size of the image) so most internet pictures are not suitable....but there are good ones if you hunt for them.
Fastrack Note Fastrack is a set fee for making your cover within 24hrs & includes shipping. How it works is we pay staff to stay back on overtime to create your cover, so it does not "JUMP" the normal queue. The time frame starts once we get a complete order (artwork approved etc and cover ready to be made).
Please note we make the commitment above, however sometimes the shipping companies can let us down, so please take this into consideration..."we will do our bit if they do theirs"

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